At the Beach by Cathy Beylon

By Cathy Beylon

30 больших изображений: На пляже, книжка-раскраска. Thirty huge, ready-to-color photos of an afternoon on the beach depict ma and pa packing the auto, Sis talking to a lifeguard, and extra.

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Said Ryan. 40 “English is weird,” I said. ” asked Mr. Granite. ” some of the kids agreed. “If one tooth and another tooth are called teeth,” said Mr. ” Neil said. ” asked Mr. Granite. “When a house burns up, how can it also burn down? ” everybody shouted. “Mr. ” I said. “The English language is messed up. ” asked Andrea. ” I said. ” Andrea rolled her eyes, but Mr. Granite said that writing a friendly letter to the president was a great idea. So nah-nahnah boo-boo on Andrea. Mr. Granite passed out paper to everybody.

Mr. ” “He has super vision too,” added Neil. ” “Did you ever notice that Mr. ” Ryan asked. Andrea might be right! After all, the first 49 rule of being a grown-up is that you have hair growing out of your ears and nose. My dad has to trim his nosehair every week. Maybe Mr. Granite is from another planet! “MOOOOOOOOOO,” said a cow. “He doesn’t look like an alien,” said Michael. ” “Maybe Mr. Granite is disguised as a human,” I suggested. “Yeah,” said Ryan. ” “Mr. Granite is nice,” Emily said. ,” said Ryan.

Now the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed anymore. And we get free milk, too! 25 I don’t know where Ms. LaGrange got the cows. I guess she went to Rent-A-Cow. You can rent anything. Ms. LaGrange is strange. Mrs. Roopy, our librarian, read us a book about how trees give off oxygen (which is good stuff) and absorb carbon dioxide (which is bad stuff). Then she helped us plant a tree in the middle of the library. Mrs. Roopy is loopy! And Mr. Klutz, well, he put up a giant windmill in the field behind the school.

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