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This contains 10 OLEDs each of 5 cm x 5 cm. 13 “Victory” OLED desk lamp Source: Novaled A-Lamp Replacements The standard omni-directional incandescent bulb with the screwtype socket is usually referred to as an A-lamp. com/novaled-shows-oled-victory-lamp-and-oled-wall-prototype Source: Lighting Science Group The recent Product Snapshot61 of the Lighting Facts database led to the following observations • LED A-lamp replacements meet the 2012–2014 standard efficacy levels, but over 67% of those products fall below 450 lumens (40W incandescent A-lamp equivalency).

13. 13 Pathway to external heat sink Source: PNNL The package must also provide mechanical support and protection for the various components and allow for control of the light production. COM plastic electronics > e-book > OLEDs vs LEDs LED Infrastructure and Supply Chains Cost reduction is another key issue in package design. 14 shows a cost breakdown, as prepared within the DOE SSL program73. 14 Cost breakdown of a typical LED package, 2011 Source: DOE SSL Improved thermal management often provides manufacturers of lamps or luminaires opportunities to distinguish their products from the competition.

They assist builders, architects, designers, and commercial property owners to implement improved design practices in all areas of the commercial lighting market. Their goal is to ensure that highquality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all lighting installations. COM plastic electronics > e-book > OLEDs vs LEDs Lighting Industry Requirements Lighting Designers, Commissioning Agents and Installers Unlike typical electronics products, the general lighting fixture market is regionally segregated and fragmented.

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