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By Ali Zayerzadeh

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Geometer the second largest family of moths, recognized by their slender bodies and small to medium overall size. The larvae are inchworms. gossamer wing a family of butterflies recognized for their small size and bright wings with metallic or iridescent hues. hawk moth a family of medium to very large moths with robust bodies, narrow wings without ocelli, long probosci, and a hovering flight similar to a bird. Also known as sphinx moths or hummingbird moths. hesperiidae the butterfly family of skippers.

Breed, red with white face, similar coloring to that of Hereford cattle. horned. Lacombe Canadian breed, white, floppy ears. Jersey originating on the Island of Jersey, usually fawn-colored with or without white marks; large, bright eyes. litters. S. breed, black with or without white spots; droopy ears. and white, horned. S. S. breed, spotted black and white. S. breed, all colors, short or no ears, hornless, milk producer. Angora Turkish breed, white face, legs and mohair, horned or polled, long locks of mohair.

Banister the handrail of a staircase. arcade a series of arches on raised columns; also, a bargeboard a decorative board hanging from the covered walk with such arches. projecting end of a roof and covering the gables; the older versions are elaborately carved. Also known as gableboard and vergeboard. arcading a line of columned arches represented as decorative relief against a wall. barrel ceiling a semicylindrical ceiling. arcature arcading or miniature arcading. barrel vault a masonry vault with a semicylindrical arch the curved supporting structure of masonry roof.

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