Dictionnaire etymologique de la langue latine (4e ed.) by Alfred Ernout, Alfred Meillet

By Alfred Ernout, Alfred Meillet

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Temu a long time ago dawny aj of old, former, long-ago. ~na historia early history. od dawna for a long time. od dawien dawna from time immemorial. av dawno dàb d´bu mi -u oak. stanàç d´ba stand on end (hair), rear up (horse). dàbrowa f oakwood forest dàç dm´ dmiesz impf, pf za- w+A puff, blow dàsy pl-form sulkiness dàsaç si´ -am -asz impf, pf nadàsaç si´ sulk dà˝enie n do+G striving for dà˝noÊç f yearning, longing, striving dà˝yç -˝´ -˝ysz do+G aim at, strive toward dbaç -am -asz impf o+A take care of, care about.

Budowany aj built budujàcy aj uplifting, constructive. as mp builder budowla f building, edifice, structure budowlany aj builder's. as mp builder, building contractor budownictwo n construction, architecture budowniczy mp decl like aj architect, builder buduar mi boudoir budulec -lca mi -a building material budynek -nku mi building, edifice budyƒ mi pudding budzàcy aj rousing budzenie n wake-up call budziç -dz´ -dzisz impf, pf obudziç or zbudziç rouse, awaken. pf wzbudziç elicit. ~ si´ intrans wake up budzik mi -a alarm clock bud˝et mi budget bud˝etowy aj budgetary bufa f puffed sleeve bufeciarz mp buffet worker bufet mi buffet bufetowy mp decl like aj buffet worker bufon mp pej buffoon, braggart bufonada f buffoonery bufor mi -a buffer (on rail wagon) buforowy aj.

Comp av cieniej. comp aj cieƒszy cieniolubny aj shade (plant) cieniowaç -iuj´ -iujesz impf shade (in art, music) cienisty aj shady cieƒ -ni f shadow, shade, trace cieplarka -rek f incubator cieplarnia f Gpl -rni or -rƒ hot-house cieplica f hot springs cieplny aj thermal ciep∏o 1 n warmth. 2 av see ciep∏y ciep∏ota f warmth ciep∏okrwisty aj warm-blooded ciep∏y aj warm. av and av pred ciep∏o ciernisty aj thorny cierniowy aj thorned cierƒ -nia mi thorn cierpiàcy aj as mp sufferer cierpieç -pi´ -isz impf, pf ucierpieç suffer.

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