Dictionary of the Middle Ages. Vol. 2. Augustinus Triumphus by Joseph R. Strayer

By Joseph R. Strayer

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Cr 1. CHEMICAL ELEMENTS chromium 2. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Councillor CR 1. COMPUTING a special code, character or key that causes the cursor to move to the beginning of a new line, named after the key or lever on a typewriter that physically performs the same function by sending the carriage back and rotating the paper upward. Full form carriage return 2. RELIGION a religious group that undertakes charitable work in the UK and abroad. Full form Community of the Resurrection 3. PSYCHOLOGY conditioned reflex 4.

MANAGEMENT chief 13. city 14. EDUCATION college 15. MILITARY Companion 16. POLITICS Congress 17. POLITICS Conservative 18. MILITARY corps 19. MEASUREMENTS , ELECTRICITY coulomb 20. court 21. BIOCHEMISTRY cytosine 22. PHYSICS heat capacity 23. ONLINE see C The abbreviation C used after a temperature can stand for Celsius or centigrade, as both scales are based on a range of 100 degrees between the freezing and boiling points of water. However, Celsius is now the preferred term in most contexts. C2B E-COMMERCE consumer-to-business C2C E-COMMERCE consumer-to-consumer ca 1.

GRAMMAR used to describe a verb that inflects like a passive verb but is active in meaning. Full form deponent 5. LAW deposed 6. FINANCE deposit 7. TRANSPORT depot 8. deputy dept department deriv. 1. derivation 2. derivative DES 1. E-COMMERCE data encryption standard 2. PHARMACOLOGY a synthetic oestrogen used in hormone replacement therapy. Full form diethylstilboestrol det. GRAMMAR determiner DETR GOVERNMENT Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions Deut. BIBLE Deuteronomy DDS DDSc DDT de DE deb.

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