Comparative Judicial Systems. Challenging Frontiers in by John R. Schmidhauser

By John R. Schmidhauser

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Global Corruption Report 2007: Corruption in Judicial Systems

An exam of the way, why and the place corruption mars judicial tactics.

The Unauthorised Agent: Perspectives from European and Comparative Law

The focal point of this publication, the felony scenario created while an agent acts with out authority, is without doubt one of the most vital concerns in organization legislation. The research is split into 3 sections: obvious authority, ratification and the legal responsibility of the falsus procurator. Adopting a special comparative viewpoint, the contributions are drawn from many alternative criminal structures, offering the chance for research of the ecu universal law/civil legislations divide.

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Maintaining the viability of the triad d e p e n d s u p o n two devices: consent of the conflicting parties and achievement of n o n dichotomous or "mediate" solutions. T h e activities of the third parties in conflict-resolving triads can b e categorized into four role types — gobetween, mediator, arbitrator, judge — which form a mediatory continuum based on the degree of consent and seeking of mediate solutions which characterize the roles. T h e judge, w h o presumably presides over a court, is the third party who least d e p e n d s on consent and mediate solutions in resolving conflicts.

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