Comparative Genetic Toxicology: The Second UKEMS by J.M. Parry, C.F. Arlett

By J.M. Parry, C.F. Arlett

This choice of sixty nine papers investigates 'in vitro' metabolic activation arrangements for 2 particular pairs of chemical analogues, benzidine (BZD) with 4,4-diaminoterphenyl (DAT) and 4-dimethyl-aminoazobenzene (DAB) with 4-cyanodimethylaniline (CDA). The arrangements chosen have been uninduced rat liver (using rats of an identical pressure because the bioassay). Aroclor-induced rat liver, uninduced mouse liver (using a similar mouse pressure as utilized in the 'in vivo' cytogenetics assays), and uninduced fowl. the foremost bulk of the assays defined within the learn concerned using huge universal batches of those fifty nine arrangements. The examine was once backed by way of the uk Environmental Mutagen Society (UKEMS) and will stand as a massive landmark in genetic toxicology.

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