Buddhist Tales for Young and Old. Illustrated by Ven. Kurunegoda Piyatissa

By Ven. Kurunegoda Piyatissa

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He was reborn in many lives – sometimes as poor animals, sometimes as long-living gods and sometimes as human beings. He always tried to learn from his mistakes and develop the ‘Ten Perfections’. This was so he could purify his mind and remove the three root causes of unwholesomeness – the poisons of craving, anger and the delusion of a separate self. By using the Perfections, he would someday be able 26 to replace the poisons with the three purities – nonattachment, loving-kindness and wisdom.

Suddenly the water demon rose up from under the water and captured him. ” Prince Sun said, “I know the answer to that! ” said the water demon. Then he pulled Prince Sun under the water and locked him up in a deep cave. 30 Since Prince Sun was delayed, Prince Goodspeaker asked the second brother, Prince Moon, to go down to the lake and bring back water in lotus leaves. When he got there, he too went directly into the water without examining. ” Prince Moon said, “I know the answer to that! ”, replied the water demon.

They should return only after their father’s death, and take their rightful places ruling the kingdom. The two obedient princes accepted their father’s order and prepared to leave. In a few days they were ready. They said their sad good-byes to their father and friends, and left the palace. On their way through the royal gardens, they came upon Prince Sun. He had always been very affectionate and friendly towards his two older halfbrothers. He was upset to hear that they were leaving for a very long time.

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