Biología by Dimas Fernández-Galiano

By Dimas Fernández-Galiano

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Cancer Rev. 4, 18-78. , and Turner, C. (1988). Annu. Rev. CellBioI. 4,487-525. Byers, S. , and Stevenson, B. (1988). J. Cell Biol. 107, 170a. , and Casale, A. (1987). Gamete Res. 17,97-105. , and Casale, A. (1986). Eur. J. Cell Biol. 42, 311-318. , and Cifarelli, M. (1987). Eur. J . Cell Biol. 45,274-281. , Bunini, A. , and Pallini, V. (1979). J . Submicrosc. Cytol. 11,53-71. , and Martinez-Palomo, A. (1981). Am. J . Physiol. 240, C96-C102. Christensen, A. K. (1965). Anat. Rec. 151,335a. Clarke, G .

29. Section through the base of a Sertoli cell and the adjacent extracellular matrix. Intermediate filaments (small arrows) are abundant in basal regions of the cell. In this micrograph, a decorated actin filament (arrowheads) is also evident. 5 pm. Fig. 30. Section through the central region of a Sertoli cell. Decorated actin filaments (arrowheads) are obvious among remnants of the various membranous organelles. 5 prn. 24 A. WAYNE VOGL FIG. 3 I . Illustration of the lower half of the apical Sertoli cell process containing a late spermatid and showing the major organizational features of tubulobulbar complexes.

Electron micrographs of ectoplasmic specializations associated with the blood-testis bamer (Fig. 40)and in regions of attachment to spermatids (Fig. 41). At both sites, ectoplasmic specializations lie immediately adjacent to the plasma membrane and consist of a layer of hexagonally packed actin filaments and a cistern of endoplasmic reticulum (ER). At the blood-testis barrier. ectoplasmic specializations (arrowheads) occur in Sertoli cells on each side of the junction. In areas of attachment to spermatids, only the Sertoli cell contains an ectoplasmic specialization.

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