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Activity A Install the test leads and select the proper range and function to measure 200 millivolts DC. 1. Which jack did you plug the red lead into? _______________________________ 2. Which jack did you plug the black lead into? _______________________________ 3. What is the Mode Selector Switch position? _______________________________ 4. What position is the MANUAL RANGE/ AUTO RANGE switch in? _______________________________ Activity B Install the test leads and select the proper range and function to measure 2 kilo-ohms.

The circuit must form a complete loop from the positive side of the power source to the negative side of the power source. Electrical behavior in a circuit is determined by the design of the circuit, the number and types of load devices, the size of the conductors and the types of control devices used by the circuit. - Types of control devices EC1-2 Electrical Circuit Components A basic automotive electrical circuit consists of a voltage source (battery, generator), conductors (usually wires or the vehicle body) and one or more load devices that perform some type of useful work such as lamps, motors, etc.

INTRODUCTION TO MULTIMETERS IM1-10 MEASURING VOLTAGE 1 volt = 1000 millivolts To convert volts to millivolts, move the decimal point three places to the right. Example: 12 V = 12,000 mV To convert millivolts to volts, move the decimal point three places to the left. 120 V IM1-11 The voltmeter function is used to measure the electrical pressure or voltage difference between two points. A voltmeter reads voltage available from a power source or the voltage drop across a circuit component or connection.

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