Archimedes' modern works by Bernard Beauzamy

By Bernard Beauzamy

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Polymer Microscopy, 3rd version, is a finished and useful consultant to the learn of the microstructure of polymers, and is the results of the authors' decades of educational and commercial adventure. to handle the desires of scholars and execs from quite a few backgrounds, introductory chapters take care of the elemental techniques of either polymer morphology and processing and microscopy and imaging idea.

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Htm (1 of 3) [9/6/2001 11:33:36 AM] Frequently Asked Questions Galilean moons, as well as the great Red Spot (which is more pale yellow nowadays); cloud bands on Saturn as well as its glorious rings and (most likely) Cassini's division--the most notable gap in the rings. The Moon will be extremely detailed. Star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies (invisible to the naked eye) will vary considerably in their glory and appearance. Do not forget to allow your scope to come to ambient temperature ("cool-down")--this is extremely important!

Once or twice (at most) a year you should wash your primary. htm (10 of 11) [9/6/2001 11:33:35 AM] Making a Dobsonian Mount 1) A suitable, clean tub. 2) A drop or two of mild (ivory) dishwashing soap. 3) A box of sterile cotton balls. 4) A gallon (or less) of distilled water. 1) Wash your sink, Rubbermaid tub, whatever, thoroughly. 2) Fill sink, whatever, with room temperature tap water (to avoid thermal shock between the layer of aluminum and the glass--this could help loosen the adhesion between the two surfaces--use only room temperature water throughout these steps); add one or two drops (ONLY) of dishwashing soap.

Both the above can make life much easier - even for the experienced mirror and telescope builder. ' It is of course usually a round mirror and thus is shaped as though it were a 'slice' cut out from a sphere, or a round ball. So that across any diameter of the mirror the curve in its surface is a section of a circle. This is normally the shape that is automatically formed by the process which is described in the following text. (In practice though, this does not give perfect images when parallel light rays coming from very distant objects are reflected to its focus point.

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