Advances in shape memory polymers by Jinlian Hu

By Jinlian Hu

Form reminiscence fabrics are immensely valuable as a result of their strength to get well their unique shapes upon publicity to an exterior stimulus corresponding to warmth, moisture, mild or a magnetic box. This booklet experiences key contemporary learn suit reminiscence polymers, their homes and purposes. subject matters comprise the connection among morphological constructions and form reminiscence homes; excessive functionality Tg and Tm sort form reminiscence polymers; buildings of form reminiscence polymers with supramolecular switches; and the thermally-active and moisture-active form reminiscence impact of supermolecular form reminiscence polymers.

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2005a,b, 2007). , 2004; Langer and Tirrell, 2004). By employing ferromagnetic fillers in SMPs, magnetic-responsive SMPs were also prepared. , 2009). 4 shows the shape recovery effect of the electroactive, light-active and magnetic field-active SMPs. , 2008, 2009), the study on shape memory fibers (SMFs) is still at the initial stage. The limited reports on SMFs may in part be due to the difficulty in making qualified SMPs for fiber spinning. Kaursoin and Agrawal (2007) used an MM-4510 polyester SMPU procured from DiAPLEX, to prepare SMFs by melt-spinning.

2006), Polymers move in response to light, Adv. , 18, 1471–5. , Agrawal, A. K. (2007), Melt spun thermoresponsive shape memory fibers based on polyurethanes: Effect of drawing and heat-setting on fiber morphology and properties, J. Appl. Polym. , 103, 2172–82. Khonakdar, H. , Jafari, S. , Abedini, H. (2007), Investigation and modeling of temperature dependence recovery behavior of shapememory cross-linked polyethylene, Macromol. , 16, 43–52. Kim, B. , Lee, S. Y. (1998), Polyurethane ionomers having shape memory effects, Polymer, 39, 2803–8.

Because of their molecule orientation, SMFs have outstanding mechanical properties. More importantly, compared with shape memory films without molecule orientation, the fiber shape recovery stress may be much higher. , 2006). In the Tm-type SMPU, a high crystallinity (Xc) of the soft phase at Troom and the formation of stable hard segment domains acting as physical net points in the temperature above the Tm are the two conditions for the segmented PU with SME. Accordingly, the soft segment with good crystallizability can be the reversible phase of SMPU.

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