The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook by Benjamin Tan Wei Hao

By Benjamin Tan Wei Hao


The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook will get you began programming purposes with Elixir and OTP. you start with a short evaluate of the Elixir language syntax, besides simply enough practical programming to exploit it successfully. Then, you will dive instantly into OTP and find out how it is helping you construct scalable, fault-tolerant and allotted functions via numerous enjoyable examples.

Purchase of the print publication contains a loose publication in PDF, Kindle, and ePub codecs from Manning Publications.

About the Technology

Elixir is a sublime programming language that mixes the expressiveness of Ruby with the concurrency and fault-tolerance of Erlang. It makes complete use of Erlang's BEAM VM and OTP library, so that you get 20 years' worthy of adulthood and reliability correct out of the gate. Elixir's aid for practical programming makes it ideal for contemporary event-driven applications.

About the Book

The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook will get you begun writing purposes with Elixir and OTP. you will commence with the instantly cozy Elixir language syntax, in addition to barely enough sensible programming to exploit it successfully. Then, you are going to dive directly into numerous lighthearted examples that educate you to use the awesome performance outfitted into the OTP library.

What's Inside

  • Covers Elixir 1.2 and 1.3
  • Introduction to practical concurrency with actors
  • Experience the outstanding strength of Erlang and OTP

About the Reader

Written for readers happy with a customary programming language like Ruby, Java, or Python. FP event is useful yet now not required.

About the Author

Benjamin Tan Wei Hao is a software program engineer at Pivotal Labs, Singapore. he's additionally an writer, a speaker, and an early adopter of Elixir.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. A whirlwind journey
  3. Processes one zero one
  4. Writing server purposes with GenServer

  6. Concurrent error-handling and fault tolerance with hyperlinks, displays, and techniques
  7. Fault tolerance with Supervisors
  8. Completing the worker-pool program
  9. Distribution and cargo balancing
  10. Distribution and fault tolerance
  11. Dialyzer and sort necessities
  12. Property-based and concurrency testing

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This is a perfect place to explain why. Consider this example: defmodule MyList do def flatten([ head | tail ]) do flatten(head) ++ flatten(tail) end def flatten(head), do: [ head ] def flatten([]), do: [] B This line never runs! end The base case is the last clause. flatten([])? You’d expect the result to be [], but in fact you’d get back [[]]. If you give it a little thought, you’ll realize that B never runs. The reason is that the second function clause will match [], and therefore the third function clause will be ignored.

If you get a non-list argument, you turn it into a list. Now, consider what happens to a list such as [[1], 2]. It helps to trace the execution on paper: 1 2 3 4 The first function clause B doesn’t match. The second function clause C matches. In this case, you pattern-match the list: head is [1], and tail is 2. Now, flatten([1]) and flatten(2) are called recursively. Handle flatten([1]). Again it doesn’t match the first clause B. The second one C matches. head is 1, and tail is []. flatten(1) is called.

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