Dilemmas by Gilbert Ryle

By Gilbert Ryle

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Misunderstanding Science?: The Public Reconstruction of Science and Technology

False impression technology? bargains a hard new viewpoint at the public knowing of technological know-how. In so doing, it additionally demanding situations latest principles of the character of technology and its relationships with society. Its research and case presentation are hugely proper to present issues over the uptake, authority, and effectiveness of technology as expressed, for instance, in parts resembling schooling, medical/health perform, chance and the surroundings, technological innovation.

De-familiarizing readings : essays from the Austin Joyce conference

Not like many contemporary Joyce stories, De-familiarizing Readings eschews the theoretical and ideological and as an alternative crops itself on less assailable floor. Its seven striking Joyce students proportion a love of the "stuff" of texts, contexts, and intertexts: info and dates, nutrients and garments, letters and journals, literary allusions, and different quotidian desiderata.

Dynamic Embodiment for Social Theory: "I move therefore I am"

This publication offers a chain of ontological investigations into an sufficient idea of embodiment for the social sciences. expert by means of a brand new realist philosophy of causal powers, it seeks to articulate an idea of dynamic embodiment, person who positions human physique circulate, and never simply ‘the physique’ on the middle of theories of social motion.

Embracing Differences: Transnational Cultural Flows Between Japan and the United States

The omnipresence and recognition of yank shopper items in Japan have brought on an avalanche of writing laying off gentle on various features of this cross-cultural courting. Cultural interactions are frequently followed by way of the time period cultural imperialism, an idea that on shut scrutiny seems to be a hasty oversimplification given the modern cultural interplay among the U.

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This attitude echoed the paternalistic stance already employed 100 years earlier by Commodore Perry, and it reduced Japan once again to a child-like state. In America’s Geisha Alley: Reimagining the Japanese Enemy, Shibusawa Nabuko traces the history of JapaneseAmerican relationships after World War II. She explains how the American preoccupation with issues of gender, race, and maturity reveals much about the United States during that time, as the portrayal of the defeated enemy as immature “reassured Americans about themselves and their society” (72).

Needed Japan’s political and economic stability in the Far East” (Kanemitsu 145), concerning exports and imports “Japan was almost totally dependent upon the United States” (Kanemitsu 145). After the occupation, Japan focused on the development and stabilization of its own economy, which led to a spectacular economic growth of the island nation in the late 1960s and 70s and culminated in Japan’s economic boom in the 1980s. S. ] grow into men” (Shibusawa 57). 46 | E MBRACING DIFFERENCES 147), which led to a rival relationship between the two countries.

Disney in Japan Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America ... with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. - DISNEYLAND DEDICATION PLAQUE - Every year, thousands of young Japanese people wrapped in blankets queue up for hours to see a special New Year’s show in Tokyo Disneyland, which includes Disney characters clad in traditional Japanese kimonos. Although the New Year’s celebration is the most popular event, it is not the only occasion on which Disney characters are adapted to Japanese culture and the park is decorated with Japanese style banners and lanterns.

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