Denialism by Sitze

By Sitze

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Padayachee and R. 7 (April 1990): 329–33; R. 9 (November 1990): 507–11. See Grundlingh, ‘‘Government Responses to HIV/AIDS,’’ 134. In 1989, Minister of Health and Population Development Dr. Willie van Niekerk stated that AIDS possessed ‘‘destructive potential stretching beyond human concept. It has the potential to lead to chaos in Africa and South Africa, not only destroying the social and political structures but to lead [sic] to economic chaos’’ (cited in Grundlingh, ‘‘Government Responses to HIV/AIDS,’’ 127).

The violence of this abandonment is neither phenomenological nor anthropological but immanent to the circuits of capital itself. 38 This estimate is based on a study that is, in turn, the ‘‘result of a hypothetical model of the costs of a package of care likely to be received by those people with HIV or AIDS who gain access to health care services. This excludes the very significant proportion of people who, we believe, will not gain access to health services at all’’ (65). See ‘‘AIDS in South Africa: The Demographic and Economic Implications’’ (a paper prepared by the Centre for Health Policy, Department of Community Health Medical School, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, no.

128 See Mbali, ‘‘HIV/AIDS Policy-Making,’’ 318. 129 See Agamben, Means without Ends, 106–7; compare G. W. F. Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, trans. A. Miller (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1977), para. 591. 130 See Mbali, ‘‘HIV/AIDS Policy-Making,’’ 313–15. 6 (June 1991): 6. The necessity and possibility for these campaigns had been outlined in a series of 1988 articles by C. B. Ijsselmuiden, et al. 8 (April 1988): 455–60, 461–64, 465–67. 7 [July 1993]: 18–19). , 426. 134 See Grundlingh, ‘‘HIV/AIDS in South Africa,’’ 57, 80–81; Grundlingh, ‘‘Government Reponses to HIV/AIDS,’’ 126, 152–53.

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