Cultures of Consumption. Masculinities and Social Space in by Frank Mort

By Frank Mort

First released in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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They have included the marginality produced by status or regional positioning, by the exclusions of gender, together with more individualised renderings, defined by pose and self-presentation. For many members of the style coterie such cultural codes were central to their public image. We can observe these strategies in operation in the personalities of two of the most significant members of the team at The Face: Julie Burchill and Robert Elms. Burchill obsessively rehearsed fragments of her life story in almost every genre 36 T H E C U LT U RA L A U T H O R I T Y O F S TY L E of her creative output from the mid-198os onwards.

Her narrative provided one paradigmatic account of style culture. She recounted a version of it as the essay 'Excerpts from the Julie Burchill Story' in 1992: All I ever wanted from life was love and money, and from a very early age . . I realized that fame (even of the mildest type) would prove the most pleasurable and profitable shortcut to both. I think of my youth . . as a long series of waiting rooms, one opening into the other. . I waited in my room, waited to be Somebody; then and only then would I be Myself That, I think, is the modem experience - that you don't really exist until you see your name in print.

Logan reflected with wry amusement that while his publications were 'faddish, colourful and frenetic' , he was 'diffident, mortgaged, married and the father of three children' . 86 What he brought to style journalism was a deep-rooted knowledge of commercial publishing. Originating from Leyton, on the eastern side of London, he left school at 16 to work on his local paper, the West Essex Gazette, when he was still a mod in the early 196os. It was this combination of publishing nous and an inherited vocabulary of style, which he developed first on the New Musical Express as its editor, and then after 1 978 at Smash Hits.

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