Cultural heritage and identity politics by Roel During

By Roel During

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13 Green summarizes the purpose of the boasting as follows: ‘[The boasted about] achievements cannot be divorced from the international competition for honor with friend and foe alike. Thus, they can be presented as the reversal of negative conditions--the destruction and desolation--created by the enemy. In this way, they are an extension of the king’s victories over his enemies and so provide further evidence of his superiority over them. g. fellow-vassals, and predecessors on the throne. ’ 34 Cultural heritage and identity politics 3.

Uncertainties about how to get to know and understand this region started to occur. ’ rose. A different approach for understanding the identity and situation of this region was needed here; students were forced to act as second order observers. Students started to have a look from different viewpoints, to create a better understanding about what was going on in the region. ’ came up. A concrete example during the trip, which stimulated thoughts about these questions, was the visit to the ex-UNESCO Elbe bridge in Dresden.

I suggest that the Modern repertoire of Nature Loving attitudes and practices, which were alien to the local traditional communities of both non-Jewish natives and Jewish newcomers, served them as a distinguishing resource for claiming status as locals. Given that the non-Jewish population was by then severely disempowered, this identity contest seems to have been first and foremost an internal dynamics within the Jewish society. References Alon, Azarya 1959. ‘The Society for Protection of Nature’.

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