Chasing Dirt: The American Pursuit of Cleanliness by Suellen Hoy

By Suellen Hoy

I first learn this ebook in 1996 or 1997. it is interesting! After operating for 8 years as a college custodian, i used to be paritcularly shocked on the prestige of sanitation staff on the flip of the century after they might march in parades for public attractiveness and appreciation! at present of the worldwide village, epidemics like SARS are a continuing danger and it's the university custodian who protects thousands of scholars and academics day-by-day through appropriately cleansing and disinfecting surfaces. each institution custodian, custodial manager, and supervisor should learn this ebook so one can greater savour their worth!

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Bellows had hired him as the commission's general sec- A WIDER WAR 39 retary largely for his "organizing powers [after] watching his operation & discipline at the Central Park" in New York City. Olmsted was a remarkable administrator. Fresh from his success as architect and superintendent of construction of Central Park—arguably the country's major municipal public work to that point—he had enhanced his reputation as a public administrator and broadened his interest in public health.

28 She too believed in the unique capabilities women brought to nursing. C. Unlike Blackwell, Dix did not know Nightingale personally, but she had traveled to Scutari during the Crimean War and inspected the famous Barrack Hospital. And, shortly after her departure, she had reported to the William Rathbones in Liverpool—close friends of both Nightingale and herself—that she found "the chief hospital ... "29 Such was not the case, however, in the federal capital in May 1861. When WCAR representatives—Bellows and Dr.

In Griscom's view, poverty, not moral weakness or lack of self-control, generated the high incidence of disease and death among the urban masses. " Cleaner surroundings and better food, Griscom argued, could improve everyone's health and promote a more law-abiding community. 76 It was not so for Shattuck. A Massachusetts legislator and statistician, he possessed attitudes more typical of his day. Worried about the debilitating effects of Boston's immigrants on the American native-born population, Shattuck could not free himself from the commonly held conviction that poverty was no excuse for neglecting cleanliness.

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