Buddhist tales for young and old by Todd Anderson

By Todd Anderson

Quantity 2, tales 51-100
King Fruitful
King Six Tusker and
The Queen Who Hated Him

Interpreted by way of Kurunegoda Piyatissa Maha Thera
Stories instructed by means of Todd Anderson
Illustrated by means of John Patterson

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So they deserted her there, still bathing in midstream. The storm became more and more terrible as the sun set. ” They replied, “We saw her coming out of the river, but since then we haven’t seen her. ” The rich man sent out relatives to search for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile the Wicked Lady had been swept downstream by the ferocious flooded river. There just so happened to be a holy man living in the forest next to the river. In this peaceful area he had been meditating for a long time, until he had come to enjoy the inner happiness of a high mental state.

So she went to the commander of the army. She told him to set a fire among the slum houses and abandoned buildings that were in the king’s path. She told him to set fires of brush and wet leaves in different areas of the city, to make a lot of smoke. When this was done she fell to the ground at the king’s feet and cried, “All Mithila is burning, my lord! The beautiful buildings with their valuable art works, precious metals and jewels, and treasures are all being destroyed. ” But the Enlightenment Being replied, “All these things belong to others.

When the young student arrived from Benares he found that his old teacher was no longer at the college. Hearing that he had retired to the forest, he went and found him there. ” asked the teacher. “My mother, sir,” he said. The teacher thought, “I’ve never heard of such a degree! No doubt his wise mother wanted me to teach him how wicked some women can be. ” He said, “All right, I will teach you so you can earn this high degree. The course is a work-study program. Your lessons will consist of taking care of my old mother for me.

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