Answers from the Qur'an: For New Comers to Islam by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

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Qur'an, 40:29) Pharaoh presented himself as the only guide, and his people, who were utterly ignorant of true religion, followed him. The Qur'anic account of this event is as follows: In that way, he swayed his people and they succumbed to him. They were a people of deviators. (Qur'an, 43:54) The people's submission to Pharaoh is a feature common to all societies that are far from religion. The prominent people lead the submitters, who make up the majority of the society. However, as the verse "They followed Pharaoh's command, but Pharaoh's command was not rightly guided" (Qur'an, 11:97) maintains, obedience to misguided leaders never leads people to the truth, for the majority of those who follow such prominent people often lack the faculty to see and obey the truth.

As nothing can guarantee another five minutes of life to a person, how can someone decide to be irreligious while young and then fulfill his or her religious obligations when old? Noone has guaranteed that he or she will live so long. As stated in the Qur'an: Truly Allah has knowledge of the Hour, sends down abundant rain, and knows what is in the womb. And no self knows what it will earn tomorrow, and no self knows in what land it will die. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware. (Qur'an, 31:34) Do the people of the cities feel secure against Our violent force coming down on them in the night, while they are asleep?

Meanwhile, one point deserves special mention: No one can attempt such an act without Allah's will. In all ages, Allah creates various settings of struggle between believers and unbelievers in order to test the believers' patience and trust in Him, to raise them in rank, to show His help to them and the superiority of faith over unbelief, to give believers their Reminder, to disgrace unbelievers, and to reveal the hypocrites' true faces and the sickness in their hearts. Allah promises that whatever happens, His help is always with true believers and that they will always prevail, provided that they adopt and display the attributes of moral perfection described in the Qur'an.

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