Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements by Thomas Yuschak

By Thomas Yuschak

This step forward ebook covers every little thing you want to be aware of to adventure lucid goals and OBEs utilizing the LDS (Lucid Dream complement) induction technique.

Thomas Yuschak holds Masters levels in Mechanical Engineering and glossy Physics and has been learning lucid dreaming for over a decade. Now a number one authority at the complement procedure of inducing lucid desires, Yuschak gives you the 1st complete advisor that explains tips on how to use typical, non-prescription, and fit vitamins to urge essentially the most profound reports that people can in achieving.

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Acetylcholine: Plays a major role in increasing memory and promoting REM sleep. Acetylcholine can act as a lucid dream trigger by allowing the dreamer to move more easily from waking consciousness directly into a dream. Norepinephrine: This neurotransmitter is generally thought to have much more to do with the waking state as opposed to the sleep state although my experiments have shown it to be a valuable tool for dream enhancement. Norepinephrine can act as lucid dream trigger if taken when naturally entering REM or can be used synergistically with ACh.

Foods, medicines, and herbs can impact the levels of specific neurotransmitters in the brain. • Most vivid dream experiences occur during REM sleep but can also occur in stage 1 and stage 2 non-REM sleep. • The neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) has the ability to switch on and maintain REM sleep. • The neurotransmitter serotonin has the ability to switch off and suppress REM sleep. • REM sleep only provides one of the two requirements needed for dreaming to occur. • The second requirement is that the dopaminergic circuit must be engaged.

There are also even less tangible types of tolerance. For example, the first time you take a supplement that you believe will cause lucidity, it very likely will. This is based on a strong expectation of success along with a strong emotional component. As you repeat the experiment night after night, eventually your expectations and emotions start to normalize and the supplement loses its effectiveness (even though physiologically it is still working). Fortunately there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to avoid desensitization and tolerance.

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