Pseudomonas [Vol 4] - Molecular Biology of Emerging Issues by J. Ramos, R. Levesque

By J. Ramos, R. Levesque

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127. , 1979, Identification of the Escherichia coli tonB gene product in minicells containing tonB hybrid plasmids. J. Mol. , 131:619–636. 128. , 2000, Iron metabolism in pathogenic bacteria. Annu. Rev. , 54:881–941. 129. , 2001, Essential PchG-dependent reduction in pyochelin biosynthesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. J. , 183:813–820. 32 Isabelle J. Schalk 130. , 1998, Dihydroaeruginoic acid synthetase and pyochelin synthetase, products of the pchEF genes, are induced by extracellular pyochelin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2003, Spectroscopic observations of ferric enterobactin transport. J. Biol. , 278:1022–1028. , 2001, The TolQ–TolR proteins energize TolA and share homologies with the flagellar motor proteins MotA–MotB. Mol. , 42:795– 807. , 2001, Crystal structure of the dimeric C-terminal domain of TonB reveals a novel fold. J. Biol. , 276:27535– 27540. , 2004, The binding mechanism of pyoverdin with the outer membrane receptor FpvA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa is dependent on its iron-loaded status. Biochemistry, 43:7954–7965.

Com. c Overall span of the PAO1 region encompassed by high sequence variation. d Number of SNPs detected. e Total number of alignable bases in which SNPs were detected. f Percent SNPs among alignable bases. g Annotated ORFs within high-diversity regions. com. h Flagellar biogenesis genes. i Pyoverdine locus. j Minor type IV pili prepilin. Clonal Variations in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 39 P. aeruginosa. Each strain makes one of three pyoverdine types, each type with a distinct peptide chain that is synthesized non-ribosomally.

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