Mark Knopfler Guitar Styles - Volume 1 by Mark Knopfler

By Mark Knopfler

This nice assortment gains entire note-for-note transcriptions of eight Knopfler favorites: Expresso Love * Love over Gold * as soon as upon a Time within the West * deepest Investigations * Romeo and Juliet * Sultans of Swing * Telegraph street * Tunnel of affection. additionally contains an in-depth interview, details on Mark's guitars, particular colour images, and a consultant to tab.

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Lt may be easier to read the tab here,as all noteson the E stringwill be downa step. v' vt/'check v"vw^ vut out where vvrrurethe slidesare-using l them makes the groove riff along better. C. C. O La. tin Rock start witha downwardsweepto playthe D minortriad,then bendthe firstnoteof eachhalf-note triplet. Thisone has a lot of Santanain it. DmiT g N -^. pay carefulattentionto the slurs! 0 @ Lou. is. i. an. Thereare manyvariations in the openE position. lt includesthe use of the major7th arpeggiowiththe added#11spreadout overtwo octaves.

E m . i i G D C . = @ Swing Here'sa bebopiazz lick that just feels greatover a ii-V-l progression. This is what you mightcall a (contd) classiciazz motiti la SonnyRollins. In this case,we have minor3rds ascendingin major3rds. Althoughusingthe diminishedscaleover these minorchordscreateschromaticnotes, "colors"thatsoundgood. n. nic. al Rock This hot rocklick fits in the bluesbox and makesuse of repeatedbendsto the root. watch the timingon the sextuplets. The lastG shouldbe landingjust before the downbeat ot 4.

The conceptstartswitha pedal(in thiscasec). Then the melodyworksdownthe scalewhilepedalingthe highc. lt finisheswith a simpleresolution to the l. lt supportsthe keycenteras you playthe melodyon the top threestrings. Ema71b5; o -:^:c e New Age A. cous . tic Thisjangly-sounding chordriff makesa nice endingfor an acousticpiecein E. Thislickis bestplayedwitha fingerpicking approach. Althoughit uses chromaticnotesfor addedcolorand melody,noticehow the chordtoneslandon the downbeats,makingthe line retainthe soundof the harmonyclearly.

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