Making PIC Microcontroller Instruments and Controllers by Harprit Sandhu

By Harprit Sandhu

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AmpL p-[ra body of the program vr'ill be called This is tbe file the compiler compiles for the microconfoller you are using to oeate fhe HEX f,le it needs. The I{EX file createdfrom this program by the compiler will be referred 10as Uncr -fed. aticatly sawsth; prc|ram to disk at the sametime. mbecause things were. basand then play with it all you wanf Then. bas and so on. bas would be \rorked on a\ "lJnlilledba- and then re sdvedd\ "Blinkv I . bas," and so on. It will install PBP and also ollers to install both MPLAB and Microcode Studio.

OPIION-REG controls t]le oplional functions of PORTB as follows. a I r r t r I : Bit B0 of OPTION_REG setsprescalarvalue BitBI ofOPTION REG setsprescalarvalue BitB2 of OPTION REG setsprescalarvalue option(usedin low-voltagepogramming) Bit83ofOPTION REG setstheprescalar Bir B4 of OPTION REG setsTimef0 input pulse edge selection Bit B5 ofOPIION REG setsthe clock selection Bit B6 of OPTION REG setsedge selectionfor interupts (progranming uses) Bit 87 of OPTION-REG setsthe pull-ups when cleared (programming uses) PORTC PORTCis a full s-bilwide bidirectionalpoft.

Blink Ei t LEDsin S uence IDProgram5-2,we blintrtheeightrightmostLEDSon thebargraph,oneLED aratime. Norerhatthe lastmultiplicarionovcrflowsthe ll bit counterandturnsall thc LEDSOFF tMac-''@l :r :il ::r ::3 - : = LEDbargraphchcuihy to all of PORTD. R BYTE A VTR BYTE TRISD =%00000000 calL ouL the two variables s e r P o R T Dt o a 1 L o u r p u r s this loop is executed forever initialize Lhe counter to 1 do it for the I LEDS puts nunDer a. 3,we demonstrate thedutycycleofthe ON signalto theLED. riltqiSil youcompare thebrightness ofthetwoLEDS) '.

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