First You Build a Cloud: And Other Reflections on Physics as by K. C. Cole

By K. C. Cole

For lots of folks, physics, like math, has regularly been a specific thing of poser and complexity. In First You construct a Cloud, ok. C. Cole offers cogent motives via lively prose, metaphors, and anecdotes, permitting us to appreciate the nuances of physics-gravity and lightweight, colour and form, quarks and quasars, debris and stars, strength and power. We additionally come to work out how the actual international is so deeply intertwined with the ways that we expect approximately tradition, poetry, and philosophy. Cole, certainly one of our preeminent technology writers, serves as a advisor into the realm of such mythical medical minds as Richard Feynman, Victor Weisskopf, brothers Frank Oppenheimer and J. Robert Oppenheimer, Philip Morrison, Vera Kistiakowsky, and Stephen Jay Gould.

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