Evolutionary Perspectives on Pregnancy by John C. Avise

By John C. Avise

Masking either the interior and exterior incubation of offspring, this e-book presents a biology-rich survey of the average background, ecology, genetics, and evolution of pregnancy-like phenomena. From mammals and different live-bearing organisms to viviparous reptiles, male-pregnant fishes, larval-brooding worms, crabs, sea cucumbers, and corals, the world's numerous species demonstrate being pregnant and other kinds of parental devotion in unusually multifaceted methods. An grownup girl (or male) can incubate its offspring in a womb, belly, mouth, vocal sac, gill chamber, epithelial pouch, backpack, leg pocket, nest, or an encasing of embryos, and via learning those different examples from a comparative vantage element, the ecological and evolutionary-genetic results of other reproductive types turn into fascinatingly clear.

John C. Avise discusses each one mode of being pregnant and the decipherable genetic signatures it has left at the reproductive buildings, physiologies, and innate sexual behaviors of extant species. through contemplating the various organic points of gestation from varied evolutionary angles, Avise deals alluring new insights into the importance of "heavy" parental funding in progeny.

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