Energy demand and climate change: issues and resolutions by Franklin Hadley Cocks

By Franklin Hadley Cocks

This scientifically sound, but simply readable ebook presents the basics essential to comprehend modern day power and weather difficulties and gives attainable solutions in accordance with present know-how corresponding to sun, water and geothermal strength. furthermore, it introduces the reader to new ideas which are already or could quickly be discovered, akin to nuclear fusion or a hydrogen-based economy.Aimed at a large readership starting from proficient laypeople and scholars to practitioners in engineering and environmental technology.

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CO2 and Methane Not until the 20th century did long-wave infrared measurements become refined enough to show that the infrared absorption maxima of CO2 and CH4 actually included different ranges of the infrared than did that of H2O. As a result, the effect of carbon dioxide and methane is not overwhelmed by water vapor, and both are important absorbers of the Earth’s infrared radiation all by themselves. Methane, which molecule for molecule is a much stronger absorber of infrared radiation than is water vapor or carbon dioxide, does not last for extended times in the atmosphere because it is chemically very active.

One of these additional effects is precession. Precession At the same time that orbital stretching changes are going on, the Earth’s rotation axis also swings slowly around in a motion called precession. Like the axis of a gigantic spinning top, the Earth’s rotation axis very slowly sweeps out in an enormous cone shape in space. 5. 5 The tilt angle (obliquity) of the rotation axis of the Earth with respect to the plane of its orbit (the ecliptic). 44 degrees. The rotation axis of the Earth swings around in space over a period of 25,725 years, a process called precession.

Glaciers can grow and then shrink because of tilt axis wobble, precession, and changes in the elliptical nature of the Earth’s orbit. It is all of these effects in combination that produce or end ice ages. Not all ice ages or all warming cycles are the same, of course, as wobbling, tilting, and orbital stretching repeat over different time periods. Right now, for example, the combination of wobble, 19 20 2 Ice Ages – Past and Future elliptical orbit stretching, and precession combine to give the polar regions more solar energy than they will have in times to come.

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