Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis by Dr. Jiří Volke, Dr. František Liška (auth.)

By Dr. Jiří Volke, Dr. František Liška (auth.)

This e-book has been written as an creation to the electro­ synthesis of natural compounds, specifically for natural chemists. either authors suppose that the data of electro­ chemistry of those experts is quite bad and is mostly dependent basically at the remnants of the instructing within the classes on actual and analytical chemistry in the course of their collage stud­ ies. inspite of Czech chemists one can't anticipate - because it was once long ago - the event bought within the classes on polaro­ graphy. because of this why it was once deemed essential to write an introductory textual content to the electro synthesis of organics either as regards the theoretical and the methodological perspective, i. e. the basics, the experimental setup, the applying of assorted operating and reference electrodes, the form and con­ struction of electrolysis cells, using appropriate professional tic and aprotic solvents, the event acquired with quite a few sup­ porting electrolytes, the separation and isolation of goods, in addition to using inert gases which stop the interplay of intermediates and of ultimate items with, for instance, oxygen or lines of water. - the second one a part of the e-book features a systematic description of preparative natural electrochemical tactics, the translation in their mechanisms and a number of other prescriptions for synthesizing characteristical teams of com­ kilos. As an entire the e-book isn't really written in an exhaustive way.

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G. flow-through cells where it is not necessary to take samples of the electrolyzed solution and to transfer them into cuvettes for spectroscopic measurements; usually such a transfer would be complicated by interference from the presence of oxygen or of water. Even more convenient is a direct combination of electrochemical and spectroscopic methods. In such an arrangement one registers simultaneously both spectral and electrochemical data as a function of the potential during the generation (the spectral absorption and the electrochemical current as a function of applied potential E).

In solutions of methanol or of acetic acid, products of 1,4- and to a lesser degree of 1,2-oxidative addition of nucleophiles are formed (3-17). 0 -Ze, ROH (C) Et4NOTs .. + ROVOR (3-17) O-:R R = Me 50,6 'I, 5,1 'I, Ac 45,0'1, 6,0'1, In case of acyclic dienes dimerization may also take place (3-18). OMe - Ze MeOH ~ + OMe OMe ~ + ONe OMe OMe +~ OMe + ~ (3-18) OMe The oxidative l,4-addition of acetic acid to 3-allyl-2-methyl-1,3-cyclopentadiene was made use of in the synthesis of allethrolone [16J, (3-19): 54 3 Reactions of Organic Compounds at Electrodes (3-19) o OAc The oxidative potentials of dienes with isolated double bonds understandably do not much differ from alkenes.

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