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Jobs, anything which presented working for the love of the also to earn my that time," "I was ready for everything. " And thing, and also because the Nabis, perhaps influenced by William Morris's Arts and Crafts movement Vuillard, England, believed in in versatility. commissioned by Samuel Bing, the famous Art Nouveau dealer, made and for plates with images from contemporary glass, French life featuring designs for Tiffany stained young women. He was never Nouveau artist, but the style itself, with emphasis on movement and convoluted design, truly an Art its does contain elements of Nabi aesthetic.

Vuillard re- mains one of our conquerors. He illuminated, trans- formed, and enchanted the usual and in this field stands supreme. Perhaps Vuillard's best epitaph was provided in the poetic tribute paid him by his friend the distinguished playwright Jean Giraudoux, who wrote that nature willingly accepts, since Vuillard is seen by everyone as she was seen by him. " 45 73- 46 SELF-PORTRAIT. 1925. Distemper on cardboard, 32x26^". " Utterly devoted to him, they constantly stood at hand to cheer him forward when him or for failed to find Poe his spirits faltered, to him back, or simply diflfidence held sell his pictures.

Such remarks probably reflect, faithfully enough, VuiUard's in- creasing conservatism after 1900 and his dissociation from the avant-garde of the generation after his own. Vuillard can be compared with Proust in several 61. LA SALLE DES CARYATIDES, LOUVRE. temper on canvas, 63 X 40 5 1921. Dis- 1|". Bamr-Jucilin Collection, Basel ways, for example in his use of the action of memory SALLE LA CAZE, LOUVRE. 1921. Distemper on canvas, 63x51 J" Bauer-Judlin Collec- Left: 62. tion, Basel 65. DE I MADAME VUILLARD, LE CALAIS, if".

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