Easy Jazz Guitar Chords by Matt Warnock

By Matt Warnock

Study Jazz Guitar Chords the simple Way

Jazz chords sound cool and are enjoyable to play, yet they’re intimidating whilst first studying jazz guitar.

There’s an never-ending record of shapes, traits, keys, and so on. to profit, making it effortless to be overwhelmed.


Learning jazz chords doesn’t must be demanding or look very unlikely.

In truth, jazz chords should be effortless.

You simply have to examine the simplest shapes within the best method attainable.

The effortless Jazz Chords book teaches you to do that.

Jazz Guitar Chords Made Easy

The fabric during this booklet will get you enjoying jazz chords, progressions, and jazz criteria from day 1.

There’s little need to benefit tough chords, or stretch for loopy chord shapes at the fretboard.

By learning shell voicings, 3-note chords equipped from consultant tones, you could play any jazz chord simply.

Shell chords construct a starting place that you simply use for extra complicated chords on your stories.

Also, you don’t need to wait months or research dozens of shapes sooner than enjoying jazz songs.

Shell chords get you taking part in right now, so that you don’t waste time ready to play your favourite jazz music.

Instead, you examine effortless chord shapes and practice them to progressions and whole songs this present day.

What You study in effortless Jazz Guitar Chords

• Maj7, 6, m7, m7b5, 7, and 7alt shapes.
• positions for every chord.
• easy methods to play jazz chords in all 12 keys.
• ii V I significant and minor progressions in all keys.
• the right way to play chords over jazz songs.
• tips on how to construct rootless chords from shell shapes.
• and lots more and plenty more….

When you purchase effortless Jazz Guitar Chords You Get

• track examples in TAB and notes.
• Audio examples for each workout.
• Backing tracks to jam over.
• effortless to appreciate routines.
• ii V I chord shapes in significant and minor.
• Chord reports over recognized jazz songs.
• And more…

Beginner Jazz Guitar Chords the appropriate Way

If you must research jazz chords, yet are misplaced in a maze of data.

Or, you beginning studying jazz chords yet can’t attach these shapes to songs.

This publication is for you.

Easy Jazz Guitar Chords teaches you effortless, enjoyable, and potent voicings for each crucial jazz chord relatives.

It additionally applies jazz chords to progressions and entire songs straight away.

Who says studying to play jazz chords should be hard?

With this advisor, you construct a robust chord origin and make tune instantaneously.

That’s a win-win within the perform room.

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As a refresher, here are those rhythms. Whole Notes (1 Chord in a Bar) Half Notes (2 Chords in a Bar) Quarter Notes Charleston Variations & of 1 and 3 & of 2 and 4 Baião (3+3+2) Go slow with this progression, and feel free to run 6 keys of major then minor ii V I’s back to back to take things further. To cover all 12 keys with minor ii V I chords, you’ll repeat the previous exercise a half-step lower. You run down these keys in tones, covering 6 keys along way. Again, work this progression slowly on your own before adding a metronome.

Remember to work these shapes on your own, with a metronome, and with different rhythms to maximize your practice time. Taking Major ii V I Chords Further To take these shapes to the next level, raise the root notes up an octave for each chord shape. Here’s how that looks with the first position major ii V I chords. After you can play these shapes in C, take them to other keys and use different rhythms to jam these chords. If you feel ready for a further challenge, remove the root from each shape as you practice rootless ii V I chords in this position.

Doing so gives you a new sound from the same notes, and allows you to play 4 dim7 shapes from two shell chords. Play each one in C#, then take it to other keys are you get used to these shapes on the guitar. Audio Example 33 The final step is to take the root notes out entirely, leaving you with a rootless version of C#dim7. In order to play these chords, visualize, but don’t fret, the root note for each chord. Audio Example 34 ii V I Shell Chords Major With the various shell chords and rhythms under your fingers, you’re ready to take those shapes to the next level.

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