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3. 4. 1 10 24 2 2 1 1 biogas yield mean day temperature cumulative methane yield methane yield of the methane reactor methane yield of the hydrolysis reactor Figure 15. Biogas and methane yield during the first measuring period between 15th of November 2003 and 7th of May 2004. In the hydrolysis reactor we measured 40% carbon dioxide and in the methane reactor 32%. 5%. 38 80 5000 70 60 4000 50 40 3000 30 20 2000 10 0 1000 cumulative methane yield m3 biogas yield m3 d-1; mean day temperature °C The second biogas yield recording period started 3rd of September 2004 and ended 26th of October because the gas yield decreased dramatically.

1998) evaluated 66 plants and measured in average 630 l biogas m-3 d-1. The latest evaluation Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft (FAL) (2006) shows similar values. Most (70%) of the 59 evaluated plants achieved a volume efficiency of 250 to 750 l biogas m-3 d-1. Figure 17 shows a comparison of the methane production and reactor productivity. 1. 51 l CH4 kg-1 VS destroyed in 800 700 l CH 4 m -3 d -1 600 Anacom (Baserga et al. 1994) 500 400 Kalmari (Rintala et al. 2002) l CH 4 kg -1 VS 300 Järna average 200 100 Järna maximum 0 Methane production Reactor productivity Figure 17.

Less than ten are dealing with biogas reactors for non-liquid substrates on-farm. Recent research mainly concentrates on basic research, biogas process research for communal waste, large-scale biogas plants, and research on laboratory level. This mirrors the fact, that production of research papers is rather financed than product development on site. The literature review revealed that progress in biogas research related to agriculture is focused on several institutions and persons. We list frequently cited names throughout our review in table 12.

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