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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of clinical and Technical phrases, 6th version, every one identify offers millions of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a particular self-discipline. All contain: * Pronunciation consultant for each time period * Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations * Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of proper info; and extra * A handy, quick-find structure

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2. A device which anchors tendons to the posttensioned concrete member. 3. In pretensioning, a device used to anchor tendons temporarily during the hardening of the concrete. 4. See deadman. { aŋиkəиrij } anchorage deformation [CIV ENG] The shortening of tendons due to their modification or slippage when the prestressing force is transferred to the anchorage device. Also known as anchorage slip. { aŋиkəиrij de¯ fo˙r ma¯иshən } anchorage slip See anchorage deformation. { aŋи kəиrij slip } anchorage zone [CIV ENG] 1.

Anи ə lemиə } analog [ELECTR] 1. A physical variable which remains similar to another variable insofar as the proportional relationships are the same over some specified range; for example, a temperature may be represented by a voltage which is its analog. 2. Pertaining to devices, data, circuits, or systems that operate with variables which are represented by continuously measured voltages or other quantities. { anиəl a¨g } analog output [CONT SYS] Transducer output in which the amplitude is continuously proportional to a function of the stimulus.

Aŋиstrəm } angle of external friction angle paddle ˚ ngstro A ¨ m compensation pyrheliometer [ENG] A pyrheliometer consisting of two identical Manganin strips, one shaded, the other exposed to sunlight; an electrical current is passed through the shaded strip to raise its temperature to that of the exposed strip, and the electric power required to accomplish this is a measure of the solar radiation. { o˙ŋиstrəm ka¨mиpən sa¯иshən ¦pı¯r he¯ le¯ a¨mиədиər } angular acceleration [MECH] The time rate of change of angular velocity.

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