Deep Tests in Denmark 1935–1959 by Sorgenfrei Th., Buch A.

By Sorgenfrei Th., Buch A.

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Glomospira sp. Lower Cretaceous. Sandstone, whitish grey, shale, dark grey, brownish grey. (Sandsten, hvidliggrå og lersten, mørkegrå og brunliggrå). , Ammobaculites sp. Lower Jurassic, Lias. Shale, dark greenish grey, siltstone, light grey. (Lersten, mørk grønliggrå og finsandsten, lysegrå). Planularia stilla, Dentalina matutina, Ammodiscus incertus. Rhaetic. Shale, greenish grey, brownish grey, greyish black. (Lersten, grønliggrå, brunliggrå, gråsort). Keuper. Claystone, variegated, reddish brown, green and yellow, and sandstone, pale green.

D . S. Frederikshavn No. U. File No. 172. Gravity anomaly: N W flank of unnumbered residual gravity maximum. Seismic survey: a. Reflection. The survey was of such poor quality that interpretation was extremely difficult. A high area W of Frederikshavn was indicated. b. Refraction. /s. horizon at an estimated depth of 4600' (ca. ) beneath the drilling location. Local structure on this horizon not known to exist, but closure on the order of 200' (ca. ) indicated some 7-8 km. to the SW. (Frederikshavn N o .

Maastrichtian and Campanian. Chalk, white, with chert, and (82-2459') limestone, white, soft, in lower part harder, with beds of marl, greenish grey. (Skrivekridt med flint og blød, hvid kalksten, forneden hårdere og med lag af mergel, grønliggrå). Bolivina incrassata, Globorotalites michelinianus. 749 - 997 m. Turonian, and Cenomanian. (2459 -3272') 749 - 793 m. Santonian. Limestone, light grey, argillaceous, hard, with (2459'-2603') bands and thin beds of shale, dark grey to greenish grey. Near base gradual change into shale, dark grey, hard, with bands of limestone, light grey, hard.

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