Dante's Divine Comedy: The Inferno (Cliffs Notes) by Luisa Vergani

By Luisa Vergani

Cliffs Notes on Divine Comedy: Inferno

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Fig. 2 47 Ordinary Knot Though formed by two simple knots, this is not as "ordinary" as its name would imply. However. its formation is an easy one to follow. Take one rope and tie a loose Overhand Knot nen( one end. Take the other rope and bring it end to end with the first (fig. 1). Pushing it backward through the knot, follow the direction of the first rope (fig. 2). Thus the second rope end is tied in an identical knot, headed the other way (fig. 3). When the end of the second rope emerges, pull the two knots tight and they become the Ordinary Knot.

2 , RUNNING+ PART fig. 3 31 Double Slip Knot The Simple Slip Knot is, in effect, a Single Bow Knot; the "bow" being the loop or bight. You can tie a Double Slip Knot or Double Bow in the center of a long rope by forming an overhand loop (as shown in fig. 1) and drawing a bight up through it with the right hand. while the left presses a bight down through it (fig. 2). Pull both loops through, thus tightening the knot between them and the Double Bow results (fig. 3). By drawing on the single portions of the rope, the knot is Quickly undone.

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