Current Approaches to African Linguistics by John P. Hutchinson, Victor Manfredi

By John P. Hutchinson, Victor Manfredi

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Since an extension is toneless, the analysis is no different. Consider also these derivatives of a monosyllabic H tone verb -ri 'eat': 46. o-mú-lí-1 [omulî] 'eater, cannibal' o-mu4i-lmu-ijto e-mí-rl-ír-o [emíríro] 'ways of eating' e-ml-rl-lr-oml-r{to As expected, the prefix H results from HTA. The falling tone in the isolation forms result from PHA, they disappear before the adjective -l}to. The reduplicated form of 'eater' is derived in (47): Reduplication and the tonal representation of Kinande nouns 47a.

1988 The phonological geometry of morpheme concatenation, University of Southern California dissertation. Yip, M. , Brandeis University. Chapter 5 Vocalic epenthesis reanalyzed: the case of Tangale E m m a n u e l Nikiema, Université du Québec à M o n t r é a l In the phonological literature, vocalic epenthesis is viewed essentially as segmental insertion with the goal of breaking up forbidden consonant clusters. I will demonstrate that this long-held assumption is wrong. Rule-based approaches to vocalic epenthesis face both empirical and theoretical problems.

1. stem suffixation realisation tana tan0+go [tango] *[tar)go] 'her cow' sumo s u m 0 + zi [sumzi] 'your name' taga t a g 0 + no [tagno] 'my shoe' dobe cfob0 + go [cfobgo] 'called' pone pon0 + go [pongo] "[porjgo] 'knew' Vowel deletion "creates" a sequence of two consonants in the derived form. An informal, rule-based characterization of this process is given below: 2. V->0/_CV3 Vowel deletion is closely related to vocalic epenthesis in Tangale: the deletion sometimes results in sequences of three or more consonants whose syllabification is problematic.

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