Comparative Entrepreneurship Initiatives: Studies in China, by Chikako Usui (eds.)

By Chikako Usui (eds.)

This ebook investigates entrepreneurial projects within the 3 greatest economies of the realm: China, Japan and america. It brings jointly ancient, institutional, and ethnographic techniques and highlights entrepreneurial styles that outcome from cultural, criminal, and political forces that facilitate and constrain entrepreneurship.

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And Mitsui Trading Co. were established by 1870 and were backed by the government to play a significant role in the export and import business (Yonekawa and Morikawa, 1987). After an unsuccessful effort, all the state’s shipping businesses were entrusted to Iwasaki Yataro of Mitsubishi Co. in the early 1880s. ” In this context, it is no wonder that modern enterprises with Western technology and knowledge were established and grew as corporations (mainly joint stock company) because they could raise capital and internationalize human resources.

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