Comparative Biology and Evolutionary Relationships of Tree by W. Patrick Luckett (auth.), W. Patrick Luckett (eds.)

By W. Patrick Luckett (auth.), W. Patrick Luckett (eds.)

Tree shrews are small-bodied, scansorial, squirrel-like mammals that occupy quite a lot of arboreal, semi-arboreal, and wooded area ground niches in Southeast Asia and adjoining islands. Comparative points of tree shrew biology were the topic of in depth investigations in past times 20 years. those stories have been initiated partly end result of the commonly accredited trust that tupaiids are primitive primates, and, as such, could offer worthy perception into the evolutionary beginning of advanced styles of primate habit, locomotion, neurobiology, and copy. throughout the comparable interval, there was a renewed curiosity within the method of phylogenetic reconstruction and within the use of information from various organic disciplines to check or formulate hypotheses of evolutionary relationships. particularly, curiosity within the com­ parative and systematic biology of mammals has fascinated with research of phy­ logenetic relationships between Primates and a look for their closest kin. review of the prospective primate affinities of tree shrews has comprised a massive a part of those stories, and a large amount of dental, cranio­ skeletal, neuroanatomical, reproductive, developmental, and molecular evi­ dence has been marshalled to both corroborate or refute hypotheses of a unique tupaiid-primate courting. those contrasting viewpoints have re­ sulted from differing interpretations of the elemental information, in addition to substitute techniques to the evolutionary research of data.

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EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS C. Tupaiid-Mixodectid Affinities Szalay (1969) suggested that the Paleocene family Mixodectidae probably exhibits affinities with Tupaiidae, based on several shared similarities in their dentition. More recently, Szalay (l977b) formally allocated the Tupaiidae and Mixodectidae to his order Scandentia (see Fig. 9b), apparently on the basis of shared dental similarities. Butler's (this volume) analysis of these dental features does not corroborate Szalay's hypothesis of special affinities between tupaiids and mixodectids.

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