Biology of Benthic Organisms. 11th European Symposium on by B. F. Keegan

By B. F. Keegan

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Ygo6to,u6 piingltlm^ L. ) all made up more than 10 per cent of the total catch (Table 1 ) . 5 per cent. Nine-spined sticklebacks were present in 35 per cent of the drops. They were not dominant in any month (Table 2 ) . Figure 3 shows their monthly mean abundance. The two other species, black gobies and minnows, were present in 18 and 9 per cent of the drops respectively. Table 1 shows their mean abundances and Table 2 their percentages for the monthly total abundances. None of these species was dominant at any time.

Perca fluviatilis L. Rutilus rutilus L. err. err. 41 G. Aneer and S. Neilbring 24 g-m2 n-rrV Abundance 100· l

In the deepest part of the southern Baltic, the former molluscdominated community has been replaced by a polychaete community. In the Central Basin and the Gulf of Finland, an area totally devoid of macrofauna has developed since the early part of this century. Comparison of the results from summer 1967 with data from the beginning of this century does not reveal any drastic changes in the Gulf of Bothnia. *) The treatment of the material for this study was supported by the National Swedish Environmental Protection Board.

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