Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme by Cami Ostman, Susan Tive

By Cami Ostman, Susan Tive

Beyond Belief addresses what occurs whilst ladies of utmost religions choose to stroll away. Editors Susan Tive (a former Orthodox Jew) and Cami Ostman (a de-converted fundamentalist born-again Christian) have compiled a suite of robust own tales written by way of girls of various a while, races, and spiritual backgrounds who percentage one commonality: they’ve all skilled and rejected severe religions.

Covering a variety of non secular communities—including Evangelical, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Calvinist, Moonie, and Jehovah’s Witness—and containing contributions from authors like Julia Scheeres (Jesus Land), the tales in Beyond Belief show how those girls turned concerned, what their lives have been like, and why they got here to the choice to finally abandon their faiths. The authors shed a shiny gentle at the inflexible expectancies and misogyny so frequently equipped into spiritual orthodoxy, but in addition they clarify the lure—why such a lot of girls are interested in those existence, what they locate that’s attractive approximately residing a spiritual lifestyles, and why leaving may be not just very tough but in addition bittersweet.

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A lot of carnal Christians are going to make it into heaven. They have been washed in the blood. They are clinging to that part of their faith. But for now—for today—they are sitting there suffering, sick, deprived of God’s blessings. They are waiting for a better day. They say, “When I get to heaven, there will be no more sickness, no more pain, no more doctors. ” Another Christian will say, “Devil, I refuse to carry this sickness. I’m not going to wait until I get to heaven. God is my God now!

Only you and God—and Satan—know beyond doubt. One of these categories is yours. To the Natural Man This is my message to you if you are a natural man. First, I shall give a definition. A natural man is one who is devoid of the things of God. He has no spiritual appetite. He is not concerned for the things of God. He doesn’t want to live for God. In the church, he likes the fellowship and the communion of the people, and the advantages which he may receive in the world from being looked upon as a “good person” because of his connection with the church.

It is easy to go by your feelings. One day, I was driving from Philadelphia to Chicago on the turnpike. Half way through Ohio, I was riding along, talking in tongues, having a great time—just me and the Lord. I was feeling fine! Suddenly, I was struck with a sharp pain, on the left side just under the fifth rib. No more talking in tongues now! ” Not really a voice, mind you, but just as real. ” I said, “Yes! ” The devil said, “How many men did you bury this week? ” I said, “Five men! ” I was getting worse all the time.

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