Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry by Manoj C Desai

By Manoj C Desai

Annual reviews in Medicinal Chemistry presents well timed and important reports of significant issues in medicinal chemistry with an emphasis on rising themes within the organic sciences which are anticipated to supply the root for completely new destiny therapies.

  • Reviews on scorching issues of curiosity in small molecule drug discovery seriously pursued by means of commercial examine organizations
  • Provides preclinical details within the context of chemical structures
  • Knowledgeable part editors who evaluation invited stories for medical rigor

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This property makes the channel uniquely positioned to serve as a coincidence detector of neuronal activity and synaptic activation. 74 As such, the receptor has been intimately associated with the processes of learning and memory. 75 Activation of the NMDA receptor is of interest for enhancing cortical plasticity in diseases such as schizophrenia, where cognitive dysfunction is prevalent. 76,77 Development of NMDA ligands that bind to the glutamate and/or glycine site has been hampered, however, by lack of clinical efficacy combined with a prevalence of undesirable side effects.

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