Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume III: The Late Period by Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

By Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

Chronologically prepared translations of historic Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of various literary kinds. Bibliogs.

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Who h e ars m y speec h , h is h eart will g rieve for it, Fo r I am a s m a ll ch ild snatched b y fo rce, A b r id ged in yea rs as a n inno cent o ne, Snatched quickl y as a little one, Like a man carried off by slee p. I was a yo u ngste r o f - - - ' yea r s, When tak en to the city o f e te rnity , To the a bod e o f the p e rfe ct so u ls ; I th erefore reached the Lo rd of Go d s, Wi t hout h a vin g h ad m y share . I was ri ch in fri ends , A ll the m en of m y to wn , Not o ne of the m co u ld prote ct m e !

Its treasuries were allocated to the treasury, its g ra na ries as endowment to hi s father Amen-Re , lo rd of Thrones-of-th e-TwoLands. H is majesty sai led north . He found Mer-Arum, the ho use o f Sokar, lo rd of Sehedj , closed and unapproachable. It had resolved to fight. - - - - - - ; fear of (h is) grandeur sealed their mouth. His majesty sent to them, sa ying: "Loo k, two ways a re before yo u ; choose as yOIl wish . Open, you live ; close, yo u die. " Then they opened immediately. Hi s majest y e nte red the town .

I - 56. Ad d ltlo nal frag ments : G . v. (1926), Hh- 89 a nd 2 p lates. D. Dunha m , Th e Barkal T emples (Bosto n 1970) PI'. 12 , 48 , 77 - 81. ' , Translat io n : BAR, IV, §§ 796-883 . Brescia n i, Leueratura, pp . ,170 - 4 84 . Textua l co m me nts : A. H . Gardi ner, J EA , 2 1 ( 1935) , 2 19 -223 . K. H. Priese , lAS, 98 ( 19 72), 99 - 124 . J . Loga n a nd J . G. We ste nhol z,JA R CE , 9 ( 197 1/72), 111- 119. o f th e king's nam e : J. Lecla nt, OLl , 6 1 (1966), 152 . I C ,~. Parke r , l AS: 93 (1966), 111- 114.

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