An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism by Kay Burningham

By Kay Burningham

AN AMERICAN FRAUD.  One Lawyer's Case opposed to Mormonism

"Each people has to stand the matter--either the Church is correct, or it's a fraud. there isn't any center floor. it's the Church and state of God or it truly is nothing." --LDS Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, April basic convention, 2003.

Many Mormons suppose that this and different comparable proclamations by way of LDS leaders are rhetorical statements.  But what if the Mormon leaders intended anything else?

Historically, Mormonism has made large and critical adjustments to its theology.  Likewise, Mitt Romney, a life-long Mormon who has served as an LDS chief, tweaks, equivocates and refuses to acknowledge inconvenient proof.  Romney has the main documented crusade flip-flops of any flesh presser in fresh heritage, but he turns out unaware that his development of public contradiction is tricky.  After interpreting An American Fraud, the reader will comprehend the nexus among transforming into up Mormon and Romney's innate inauthenticity.

It is envisioned that greater than 1-1.5 million Mormons have resigned from the Church due to the fact 1995.  Some declare there are extra ex-Mormons than Mormons.  An American Fraud explains why there's this sort of contemporary, formal abandonment of Mormonism via, in lots of circumstances, formerly religious members.

The ebook of Mormon isn't a translation of historic American heritage engraved in "reformed Egyptian," on golden plates buried by way of an early American prophet. as a substitute, this key Mormon scripture has been proven to be a 19th-century paintings of fiction authored by means of Joseph Smith and maybe others.  Historically, such a lot contributors of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints infrequently learn open air their scriptures and Church-approved literature.  despite the fact that, Mormons have recently begun to find evidence approximately LDS historical past that had formerly been identified to only a few, ordinarily scholarly historians of Mormonism. in the course of the discovery of those basic ancient resources, now on hand on a number of websites, clever and curious Mormons have reached a severe aspect. in the event that they learn, they've got develop into disaffected and disoriented.  Many are experiencing crises of faith.

The first 3rd of An American Fraud. One Lawyer's Case opposed to Mormonism, chronicles the Author's trip out of the faith. the second one a part of the booklet is an exposé, together with an research less than the law. The writer, an skilled civil trial lawyer, locations the actions of Mormon leaders over nearly centuries of their right felony framework, reading not just the misrepresentations, however the ensuing damages: political, environmental and particularly psycho-social.

The fraud dedicated by way of generations of Mormon leaders is they have constantly misrepresented the evidence surrounding the resource in their scriptures.   Neither the golden plates, nor writings by means of the outdated testomony prophet Abraham, claimed to were inscribed on bought Egyptian papyri, ever existed. moreover, the claimed visitations via biblical apostles to revive misplaced priesthoods to Smith and his colleagues by no means occurred. Yet for many years LDS leaders have at the very least overlooked, if no longer suppressed and grossly misrepresented, what has been confirmed to be the genuine evidence surrounding Mormonism's origins, remodeling and re-packaging the founding proof and the theology as worthwhile.

Billions of U.S. cash and different forex, donated via around the world trustworthy participants, were used to extend the worldwide advertisement holdings of this company conglomerate.  in the meantime, deserving beneficiaries of the donations, the negative and distressed, admittedly obtain only a small percent of the Church's gross source of revenue. those that joined or endured on within the faith kind of depended on LDS leaders' misrepresentations approximately its origins to their major detriment.  Given what has been confirmed approximately its resources, the Mormon faith can't stay defended less than any pretext as a non secular association for the great of its participants.

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