Advances in Applied Microbiology, Vol. 38 by Saul Neidleman

By Saul Neidleman

"Advances in utilized Microbiology" covers a large variety of themes within the fields of utilized microbiology and biotechnology. those volumes offer articles which can be of curiosity to biotechnology researchers in academia and undefined, fermentation microbiologists, microbial ecologists, biochemical engineers and utilized microbiologists in different speciality parts.

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Consequently, the application of the concepts and techniques of the EcD quantification, with appropriate modifications, might provide insights into the potential impacts of GEMs on microbe-mediated ecological processes in soil and other natural habitats. III. Representative Results To illustrate the applicability of these techniques to the study of the potential impacts of the introduction of GEMs on microbial populations and microbe-mediated ecological processes in soil, some representative results are presented.

Wear gloves and a dust mask or respirator, and prepare the powder in a vented fume hood (a-naphthylamine is carcinogenic, and Zn dust has a potential for explosion). N-(1-Naphthy1)ethylenediamine can be used instead of a-naphthylamine, but, as it is not known whether this compound is also carcinogenic, care should also be exercised in its use (Schmidt and Belser, 1982). Store the powder in a bottle covered with black tape or aluminum foil to exclude light. To distinguish between denitrifiers and nitrate reducers, exclude MnSO, and Zn dust from the powder when enumerating denitrifiers (Focht and Joseph, 1973).

D. Doyle and G. Stotzky, unpublished). 44 G. STOTZKY ET AL. , 1991; Kunc and Stotzky, 1980; Macura and Stotzky, 1980; see Stotzky, 1986). If significant changes in nitrogen transformations are observed as the result of inoculating a GEM, the kinetics of nitrogen transformations in subsamples of soil from the master jars should be compared to the kinetics observed in the perfusion technique, to verify the effects of the GEM. , plant residues). If dinitrogen fixation is enhanced, especially in the presence of such sources, this could result in increased nitrification of the resultant ammonium, which could affect numerous microbe-mediated ecological processes as the result of the attendant accumulation of protons (Lee,decreases in the pH of the soil).

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