A Comparative Lexicon of Ugaritic and Canaanite (Alter by Issam K. H. Halayqa

By Issam K. H. Halayqa

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Indeed, female solicitations to the males, an index of their willingness to mate, increase after ovariectomy (Zumpe and Michael 1970), a finding in marked contrast to many rodent species. Sexual interactions with the male do, however, vary during the menstrual cycle, being more frequent in the follicular phase especially around mid-cycle for a number of primate species (Talapoin - Scruton and Herbert 1970; Patas monkey - Rowell and Hartwell 1978; Pigtail macaque - Tokuda et al. 1968; Eaton and Resko 1974; Chacma baboon - Saayman 1970; Gelada baboon - Dunbar 1978; Gorilla - Nadler 1975a; Chimpanzee - Tutin 1980; Macaca fascicularis - Zumpe and Michael 1983).

We have recently analyzed in greater detail some of the physiological correlates of behavioural oestrus in female prairie voles. Females were exposed to a male for 18 h and then maintained in male-soiled bedding for an additional 30 h to maximize the possibility of oestrus induction without permitting mating. A large number of females treated in this manner did not come into behavioural oestrus (Fig. 9, Activated, Nonoestrus). Females showing at least one lordosis were defined as oestrus (tested without permitting intromission and were then randomly assigned to one of the treatment groups shown in Table 5 and Fig.

J Mammal 66:165-167 Hartung TG, Dewsbury DA (1979) Paternal behavior in six species of muroid rodents. Behav Neural Bioi 26:466-478 Hasler MJ, Nalbandov AV (1974) The effect of weanling and adult males on sexual maturation in female voles (Microtus ochrogaster). Gen Comp Endocrinol 23 :237 -2 38 Hofmann JE, Getz LL, Gavish L (1984) Home range overlap and nest cohabitation of male and female prairie voles. Am Midi Nat 112:314-319 Huck UW, Carter CS, Banks EM (1982) Natural or hormone induced sexual and social behaviors in the female brown lemming, Lemmus trimucronatus.

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