50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship by Salvador Dali

By Salvador Dali

Rare, very important quantity during which famed Surrealist expounds — in his inimitably eccentric type — on what portray could be, the heritage of portray, what's solid and undesirable portray, the advantages of particular artists, and extra. comprises his 50 "secrets" for learning the craft, together with "the mystery of the painter's pointed mustaches."

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The secret of the form of an olive by virtue of which the painter may be guided in choosing the woman he must marry. 15. The secret for constructing an aranearium. 16. The secret of the retrospective utilization of araneariums. 17. The secret, very simple but important, of a small roof to protect the picture from dust. 18. The secret of the painter's pointed mustaches. 19. The secret of learning to paint before knowing how to draw. 20. The secret of learning to draw models in reverse by the use of a mirror.

Once you have regaled yourself by sucking the superfine gelatines of these three eyes you will keep their three ultra-hard kernels in your mouth. Listen carefully, now, for I am about to initiate you to Secret Number 5. As soon as you are lying peacefully in your bed you will take these eyes out again. Keep one in your hand, and put the other two on a small book or on a black box which you will rest on your knees, placing them at a certain distance from each other in such a way that, when you hold your forefinger in front of the two super-white balls and focus on your forefinger, the eyes of the sea perch will join, thanks to the precious distance between your own eyes, the grace and the mystery of your binocular vision, and the two eyes of the sea perch will become one single ball.

This is what you must do: 1. Choose carefully the fragrances and perfumes which evoke concrete periods of your adolescence. Have your valet pour one of these fragrances or perfumes on your pillow one hour before you awake, and the time, the situation or the persons associated with that fragrance will appear in your dream. 2. What I have said about perfumes also applies to music. A melody associated with a memory or a being will evoke that memory or being in your dream if the melody is played quietly while you sleep.

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